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Meet Our Team

Shredderbuilt has always been a family-run business, and when we find folks who share our passion for drug-free bodybuilding and fun & friendly competition we don't hesitate to adopt them into our Shredderbuilt family!
Dave Goodin
"The Texas Shredder" 


Promoter of the Texas Shredder for 19 Yrs, Pro in 5 organizatizions including the IFBB, Most Money Winning Natural Pro of All time!  30 year professional personal traininer, Husband, Father of 2 beautiful Daughters and a Extrememly proud Papa of grandsons, Jackson & Carter!

Diana Hurley
"Queen Shredder"


Dave's Right hand in Show promoting & partner for many years. Breast Cancer Surivor, Business & Digital Media Maven. Wife, StepMom of 2 & Very Proud Nana to Jackson  & Carter!

 Blythe Savera
"Lil' Shredder"

Operations Manger

Manager of The Diet Doc Austin, Texas Shredder Classic & Shredderbuilt Fit Gear. Military wife, and proud mom to Jackson & Carter!

Molly Goodin

Ticketing & Media Specialist

Now a Texas A&M Graduate  & working full time, Molly keeps up with the social media side of the Shredderbuilt business as well as running ticket sales at the show! She is also the proud Aunt to the Shredder Babies!

Tamara Leach

Volunteers Director

Tamara has been a part of the Shredderbuilt Family for a number of years serving in many roles.  She is dedicated to the athletes' experience and making sure they are supported and that everyone feels like a champion. Her team of volunteers ensure that everyone, guest or athlete, has a great experience at the show! Tamara is a loving and dedicated mother to her son, Carson! 

Jeremiah Taylor 

Expeditor/Competitor Coordinator

Jeremiah has been part of the Shredderbuilt family for years.

His level of dedication and commitment to the athletes is second to none, motivating him to make sure that the shows run smoothly. As a competitor himself Jeremiah puts himself in the shoes of everyone he comes in contact with and thinks "How would I want to be treated?"  Jeremiah is also a loving husband and an mazing father

to "the Rascal" and baby "RJ"! 


Nathaniel Dobbs
Back Stage Coordinator

Nathan has been a part of the Shredderbuilt family for years. Always showing up for set up, tear downs, and working tirelessly to make sure that competitors have the everything they need and the show runs smoothly.  His dedication and commitment is second to none which is why we couldn't love him more AND why he was an obvious choice for this position! 

Gil Bomberger

Security Coordinator

There have been shows when Dave's  own daughters have been stopped from getting back stage by Gil "The ENFORCER" Bomberger! Gil took on the responsibility of security for the shows seriously and does it remarkably well!  He makes sure that while enforcing the rules people are still treated with respect and kindness. There is no wonder why we are so proud this person of integrity is part of the Shredderbuilt family & leading our Secirity team.

Jonathan Savera 

"Sgt Shredder"

Sergeant in the US Army, husband, and proud daddy of Baby Shredder. Jonathan doesn't have one specific job but is a "jack of all trades" and steps up to help wherever he is needed. 

Jackson Savera
"Baby Shredder"

Jackson (aka Cletus) is famous in his own right. You may recognize him from one of the many Facebook posts by his proud parents and grandparents. Soon enough he'll be running around the show with his own responsibilities!

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