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Most of Your Questions Are Answered Here!

Is this show drug tested and how?

The NFF requires all athletes complete and pass a polygraph exam before stepping on stage.  Pro qualifying winners and Pros that earn cash are also required to pass additional drug test (urinalysis).  Polygraph exams are valid for 90 days.

NFF, similar to IFBB Physique America is governed by World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA).  A list of common banned substances can be found at  If you have questions or need to request a medical exception for competition please reach out to


How do I enter?


Do I need to buy an NFF membership? How much is that?

Amateur- $50

Pro- $80


Visit to purchase. 

How long is it Valid?

Membership is valid for 1 year from date of purchase.


Can I buy online?



Do athletes need to buy tickets for the event?

No, only register for the competition

Can athletes watch the show?


Who is allowed backstage?

Only those who purchased a backstage pass

Where can I purchase a backstage pass?

Where can I purchase tickets for attendees?

Is there a Pre-Judge and a Night Show?

No, This is a straight-through competition

How do I become and a vendor or sponsor?

Contact Josh at

Contact us:


IG- @Txshredderifbb 


promoter- Justin Boflex Bohannon 


c- 480-729-9402

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