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Is this an NPC competition? 

No, it is not. This is sanctioned by IFBB Physique America which is the American affiliate to IFBB. IFBB split from NPC/IFBB Pro League in 2017 here is an article about the split.


Will NPC punish me for competing? 

As of right now, all amateur competitors can compete in whatever federation they choose. Any federation that will put limits on where you can compete as an amateur is not a federation for the athletes. 


Is this show drug tested and how?

IFBB requires Olympic Style drug test. Olympic Style means a fair random selection of athletes can and will be tested at events. Click here for Wada Guidelines


How do I enter?


Do I need to buy an IFBB Physique America association membership? How much is that?

Yes, $130


How long is it Valid?

12 Month Calendar Year


Can I buy online?



Do you have a Wellness category?



Where can i get more information of IFBB Elite Pro


What is included in sponsorship to South Africa?

For all athletes selected Team USA, IFBB PHYSIQUE AMERICA will sponsor the Airline ticket for athletes, the hotel cost from Wednesday to Sunday, and the registration into the Arnold Classic SA.


Can I bring my coach or significant other?

Yes, at your own expense. 


Can I stay in South Africa longer than the competition?

Yes, at your own expense.


Where can I find more information about the Arnold Classic South Africa?


Will it be drug tested?

Yes, Olympic drug-testing standards do apply and athletes will be fairly selected at random.


Do athletes need to buy tickets for the 2020 Texas Shredder Classic?

No, only register for the competition


Can athletes watch the show?



Who is allowed backstage?

Only those who purchased a backstage pass


Where can I purchase a backstage pass?


Where can I purchase tickets for attendees?


Is there a Pre-Judge and a Night Show?

No, This is a straight-through competition with the Team USA Live judging done as the very last to be judged


How do you select Team USA competitors?

The competitor must win the Overall of the entire division. We will bring all overalls for man and women to be judged on stage as the top competitors of the whole competition. Top competitors will receive sponsorship to South Africa. Overall Competitors not selected will receive free admission into the next IFBB PA competition. 



How do I become and a vendor or sponsor?

Contact Josh at



IFBB PA Membership



Contact us:


IG- @Txshredderifbb 


promoter- Justin Boflex Bohannon 


c- 480-729-9402

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Contact us:


IG- @Txshredderifbb 


promoter- Justin Boflex Bohannon 


c- 480-729-9402



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